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Things to Know Before Changing Your Color

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

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I know we're all excited for the incoming warm weather and bright sunshine! What goes better with summer than blonde hair? We know.. NOTHING! We are here for all of your blonde needs, but please, consider this: A dramatic hair change comes with a dramatic lifestyle change!

Let's take a look at 4 things to consider when going from dark to blonde (or vice versa):

  1. You may not get your desired color after the first appointment.

More times than not, making the transition from dark to blonde is just that.. a transition- a process. To keep your hair as healthy as possible, the amount of bleach and chemicals needed to lighten the hair can only be taken a little at a time, as to not make your strands break in half.

2. When you bleach your hair, you will need additional products to keep your hair nourished.

Bleach is an abrasive chemical that will damage your hair without the proper care. Consider that you may need to make an additional investment solely in products and hair care alone. Read this blog about our life-changing new K18 treatment that we will recommend with every chemical service.

3. The frequency of your hair appointments may increase to maintain best results.

Naturally brunette hair can hide an array of different undertones. Follow this link to brush up on our blog that talks about the difference between a gloss, glaze, and a toner. Depending on what specific shade of blonde you're going for (like platinum or ash), you may need to come into Salon Evolve for a toning service as frequent as every four weeks. Talk with your stylist to create a specific plan personalized for your unique vision!

4. Bright colors, although very pretty, will fade.. and fast!

We LOVE a nice pink and purple moment, but we always advise.. PLEASE.. own the look! Commit to your playful side! In most cases, hair needs to be lightened with bleach before adding a fashion color, in order for it to beam it's brightest look. Colors like red, blue, purple, pink, and red are ultraviolet-sensitive and are broken down by the sun faster than neutral colors like brown, black, or true blonde, exposing the faded color behind. We love the look, just be prepared to keep up with your fresh and feisty self!

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Have you visited with us recently and loved your experience?? Please take a moment to leave us a review on Google! Being a small business, support from our friends and customers means the world to us! This being said, please remember that Salon Evolve is ALWAYS looking to "evolve" and we rely on feedback from you!

We hope everyone can start enjoying this warm weather!

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