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Getting Ready to Color

Updated: Dec 17, 2021

Who EVER said that “Dirty hair grabs hair color better” was not a hair professional!

This is just NOT TRUE!! Dirty hair does not grab hair color better. Wash your hair 1 to 2 days before your appointment! Your light, natural oils will help prevent your scalp from feeling itchy or tingly when color touches it.

Clean hair will give more even results and longevity of color.

An excessive dirty, oily or sweaty scalp is a big NO!

Dirty oily hair or days and days of dry shampoo will lift slower because there is an extra layer to penetrate.

Styling products are generally okay, however hard gels or mousses might make the hair difficult to work with and uncomfortable when combing your hair out as we foil hair sections.

Sweaty hair is not good either before getting your hair colored because sweat is made up mostly of water, but contains sugar, salts and ammonia. This means sweat could oxidize color a bit differently.

Some suggestions before your hair appointment:

· Wash your hair 1 or 2 days prior

· A good clarifying shampoo before your appointment can help remove product and mineral build up.

· Treat your hair before! Instead of regular conditioner, try something more intense like a conditioning mask to hydrate your hair. We recommend Evolve’s Indulge Mask.

· Wear your normal makeup routine for us to see your normal day to day look so we can get a clear visual of what your color looks like on you after we are finished! If you don’t wear makeup majority of the time, let us know too! You might be asking for something that will wash you out without adding some color to your face.

· Communicate your color wants. Bring in a few photos of the color you want to achieve so we can talk realistic options. Maybe it will take more than one visit, or maybe that color palette might not be the best for your skin tone. Communication is best.

All these suggestions are great, but to really do your part, you need to be maintaining your hair investment by using salon quality healthy hair products. Although you will spend more than drugstore brands, good salon quality products are condensed, so you will only need a small amount, and they should be salt and sulfate free which is worth the extra dollars for your healthiest hair.

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Great once a week shampoo

Concentrated formula so only need small amounts.

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