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How to Choose the Right Sized Brush

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

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We know, brush shopping can be a bit overwhelming with all different shapes, sizes, brands, functions. sheesh! Have no worries, we're here to help. Choosing the right brush for you is important- just like how your makeup brushes dictate how your makeup application turns out, using different bushes can have different effects on how your hair turns out!

The basic rule of thumb: The shorter your hair, the smaller the diameter you should be opting for.

Ultimately, the smaller diameter will allow for more volume since you can get closer to your root, and a tighter curl since the hair can be wrapped around the brush may more times. Use this brush for added volume.

A larger diameter brush is better for smoothing and straightening. We tend to use these brushes on longer hair so that we can create that smooth, shiny and sleek look while still maintaining a beautiful bouncy curl at the end!

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*Disclaimer* If you have curly hair: opt for a detangling comb, or ventilated wet brush. This will help protect the hair from breakage. See: "Take Care of Curly Hair".

Not shown above: Paddle brush - Use this style of brush for long, straight hair.

Call Salon Evolve at (610) 489-5525 to chat with a stylist or book a consultation to see what will be the best fit for you and your unique lifestyle!

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- and -

In honor of our Product of the Month, we're shouting out Ergo Brushes! Ergo has been leading the beauty industry for over 30 years! It's no secret as to why..

Not only do they produce top-tier styling tools using the finest of materials, but they are also invested in educating stylists around the world! A portion of every purchase goes towards classes and new information based on studies from top stylists and engineers from around the world! Ask your stylist at your next visit what Ergo brushes can do for you! :)

* mention this post for 10% off your next Ergo purchase at Salon Evolve! *

Offer valid until May 13, 2023.

We can't wait to see you soon!

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