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A lot of people are asking about eyelash extensions lately. What are they? How long do they last? The cost of the service? And so many more questions. Well, we’re here to give you all the answers! Eyelash extensions are one of the top new trends for 2015.

Xtreme eyelashes are semi-permanent eyelash extensions that are individually placed on your natural eyelashes. These extensions are created using synthetic polyester which gives clients the least possible chance for any type of allergic reaction! An awesome plus side for all clients!

Xtreme eyelash extensions give a natural look to clients current eyelashes, but add fullness, volume, and more thickness to their current eyelashes. The Eyelashes are created in black to give it the full affect (unless you prefer colored extension such as purple or green for an added touch). Because of the dark color of these extensions, mascara is no longer needed during your morning routine (if you prefer to use mascara we offer a special Xtreme wear mascara to keep the integrity of the extensions). Eyelash extensions can be put onto anyone as long as you have existing natural eyelashes. Clients with zero eyelashes cannot have this service done due to the eyelashes being placed onto your natural eyelashes. Clients who also have alopecia or are undergoing chemotherapy cannot have the extensions put on unless advised by a doctor.

“How long do eyelash extensions last?” our answer, “Indefinitely.” If you keep up on your refills, the lashes will last as long as you want to keep them on. Refills are needed because the extensions are added onto your existing eyelashes. As lashes mature, they fall out, as will the extensions. Natural eyelashes fall out around every 2 months, therefore, the extensions will fall out every two months with the mature lashes. Refills occur every two to three weeks depending on how many eyelashes fall out or the thickness the client would like to keep. Your first procedure to have the full or partial set put on takes from one hour up to two hours. When you come back for refills, they will take 45 minutes to an hour. Many clients find this time calming and relaxing (no pain occurs when eyelashes are being put on).

Interested in this service? Call and book with our stylist Melissa or Nicole! Both have been certified for this service!!

Prices: (deposit is required for first set)

Full set: starting at $250

Partial set: starting at $150

refills: start at $40

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