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This week our spot light products are….. SHAMPOOS! If you’re one of those people that never shampoo your hair.. like we mean NEVER. Because there are those people out there, well this post then is not for you. but bear with us, maybe you’ll change your mind and start washing your hair again! Now for the people that do, here's the time to really find the products that are right for you. Now, I’m sure you’ve heard numerous times that drug store shampoo is awful for your hair… and it is. Proven fact. Most drugstore shampoos aren’t really what they say they are. Most consist of bar soap ingredients that strip your hair of any essential oils that need to be in, and then make your hair become more oily FASTER! So basically drugstore shampoo should be the bane of your existence. But our wonderful shampoos are GREAT for your hair. Wanna know why? Because we know everything that goes in it. In our last post that talked about conditioners, you learned that we know all of our products are made with steam distilled and and filtered water. win number one! Second, most of our shampoos are gluten free and sulfate free. There’s an occasional one of two that need it in the shampoo to do what its suppose to, but then its suppose to be there! Below is a list of our shampoos, what they do, why we want all our clients to use them, and why it's so great for your hair!

Keratin Shampoo: Help revive your hair with this shampoo! Adds keratin back into the hair strands to make it stronger and healthier! Helps maintain keratin treatments for the following months.


color and chemical safe

gluten free

salt and sulfate free

adds keratin back into hair

Keratin shampoo

By Sue on 03 Oct 2015

Love this product keeps my hair looking healthy and the cost is very reasonable!! Highly recommend this product.

Highlight Shampoo: This lavender tinted shampoo is great for blondes or anyone with highlights. Diminish the brassy colors and keeps your blonde bright til your next service!


fights off brassy or green colors from the hair

moisturizes the hair strands

gluten free

salt and sulfate free

Highlight shampoo

By Rita on 15 Oct 2015

I found the shampoo left my hair shiny. Since my hair is grey , it tends to be lifeless. Using this product has brought life and fullness back . I recommend it!!

Anti Fade shampoo: help keep your color from fading in between services with this shampoo!


keeps colors from fading

salt and sulfate free

gluten free

low ph level

gentle on the hair strands

smells like a creamsicle!

Energizing Shampoo: invigorate your hair and scalp with this energizing shampoo to help have a fresh and clean feel after!


exfoliates the scalp

helps deter dander

encourages blood from to the head (helps healthy hair growth)

menthol added to give the scalp a clean and tingling feel

gluten free

Anti-frizz Shampoo: moisturizes and tames frizz all day long with humidity and rain.


moisturizing for the hair strands

frizz fighting

gluten free

salt and sulfate free

adds shine back into the hair

helps detangle hair

Maximum Fullness Shampoo: A gentle, lightweight shampoo that helps the hair become shiny and adds fullness!


gentle on the hair

great for finer hair because of the concentrated formula

no added weight to the hair

salt and sulfate free

gluten free

Pure moisture Shampoo: The most moisturizing shampoo we have! Hydrates dry, damaged, or fragile hair!


adds moisture back into hair

light weight formula

improves manageability for the clients

salt and sulfate free

Clarifying Shampoo: cleanses the hair strands of product build up, dirt/ dander, and chlorine.


made with fruit acids

removes 90% of product build up in the hair

removes chlorine

good use for once a week shampoo

Co Wash: our non lathering cream cleanser. gently cleans the hair and scalp leaving it shiny and adds softness to the hair.


made with thyme and witch hazel extracts

purifies the hair

leaves the hair moveable and shiny

maximum hydration

gluten free

CO Wash Convert!

By Kirsten on 13 Oct 2015

I was super skeptical when my stylist, Kim, recommended their new latherless shampoo. If there’s one thing I like it’s a good shampooing full of suds. I am so glad that I tried the CO Wash. It is amazing! My curls are happy, healthy and bouncy. Thank you for the recommendation and for making such awesome products!

Freshen Up Dry Shampoo: Maintains second day hair without a shower! Boost bouce and body to help keep hair clean for continuous days. (for our not everyday hair washing people:)


revives and refresh hair

no residue left

extends blowouts

eliminates odor

never leaves a wet or sticky feel to the hair

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