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Everyone deals with dry hair at some point in their life. Some people deal with it…. Well most of their life. It’s a natural thing to happen to hair due to many circumstances. Whether its from coloring, bleaching, the weather, swimming, or naturally having dry hair. It happens, but it’s always possible to help solve the problem or help the problem. Dry hair occurs because the cuticle becomes disturbed from multiple occasions.

Using products for dry hair can help treat and take care of dry hair. Products such as anti frizz curl-creme, brilliance, moroccan miracle, pure moisture, intense anti frizz curl creme, indulge, and our most popular product, the elixir 11.

Dry hair can occur from mostly everything. The dry air during the winter, the hot summer air and being in salt water. Thermal heat such as curling irons, flat irons, and blow dryers. Make sure your heat is not too hot (you cook a chicken at 350 degrees, you should not be styling your hair that hot. If it can cook food, its damaging your hair.) yes, you need styling tools to make your hair look amazing and fabulous, but take a little more time and a little less heat. High temperatures stripe the moisture from the hair, the more high temperatures the dryer your hair will be.

Make sure you’re taking care of your hair before it becomes dry, and if it is dry, treat it carefully to remoisturize it. Tips to help treat your hair are using ionic heat styling, taking a break from heat styling if its over used with heat, and stop over washing hair, if you are over washing your hair, you are not letting your natural oils to go into the hair, which is your most natural way of adding moisture back into the hair. Invest in good dry shampoo like our freshen up dry shampoo which can be found in our shop, link at the top bar. Use dry shampoo to extend your wash an extra day. Also switching up your product during the different seasons, use a more moisturizing shampoo and conditioner such as our anti frizz shampoo and intense anti frizz conditioner (which are our most moisturizing shampoo and conditioner) during the winter months to really add the moisture. In the summer, switch it up to something less moisturizing since its not as dry during that season.

Conditioning treatments are the best thing you can do for dry hair during your hair services. Using the sunflower treatment is great if you have color treated hair, or if you want a pick me up for your dry hair. the biomin is great for dry hair also because it's put onto wet hair after a color service and is blown into the hair, making the treatment go more into the hair strand and lasting longer for our clients.

Dry hair can always be treated and have moisture put back in, dry hair wont last forever! Take care of your hair and when you have any frustrations or feel like your losing moisture, tell your stylist, We are here to help you!

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