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Red hair catches all eyes. It can be one of the most beautiful colors if done properly and maintained well. Whether it’s bright red, auburn, or dark red, it’s always eye catching. Only certain people and skin colors can truly pull off red hair. Certain reds go better with skin tones versus other reds. People with very pale, cool skin tones should do a cooler toned red, and olive skin tone should color their hair a darker red and stray away from the orange-hued brassy reds. If you have a medium natural based skin tone, you can pull off a medium toned red color, something natural but in the range of cool or warm. Always consult with a stylist and talk about what you’re looking for and what they think will look best with your skin tone. Having a haircolor that does not suit well with your skin can leave you blotchy looking and washed out. A flattering color will leave you looking warm, bright and glowing.

Maintaining red hair can be easy if done correctly. Listen to your stylist and follow their guidelines. Red hair fades fast because it has the largest molecules in any hair color, which makes the red color harder to penetrate into any hair strand, therefore is lost faster. Using a color additive shampoo such as the anti-fade, will keep it stronger and brighter for longer. When you feel your color is fading but you’re not ready for a touch up, you can alway get a gloss put onto the hair. It’s a fast and easy process done in salon. A gloss will add the color back in and add shine back to the hair until you are ready for your next appointment. When you first get your color done, avoid washing it for at least 48 hours. Washing red hair makes the color fade faster. When washing, wash with cold water. Cold water helps keep the cuticle closed which holds the color in. On days you do not wash your hair, use a shower cap to maximize the chance of your hair staying dry. Keep your hair dry and out of any water as much as possible. Pools and the ocean can strip your hair of the color. Also, when styling, use a heat protectant such as brilliance to keep your hair healthy and shiny. Reds can look dull faster when your hair is dry and damaged.

Red hair is fun, different, and very eye catching as long as it is kept fresh looking and not dull! Call Salon Evolve to schedule a consultation if you are not sure if it will suit you. Call and schedule if you’re ready to take the red hair plunge!

picture: done by Ashley S.

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