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Updated: Aug 24, 2020

The only thing as important as your prom dress is your hairstyle so you will be picture perfect!

It’s a night of getting all fancied up so you will need to be sure your hair is styled to Instagram and Snapchat perfection.

This is your opportunity to step outside of your everyday fashion box. Even the smallest change can make a big difference. The hairstyles for prom or similar events are endless.

Some trendy hair ideas are…

Let your hair down if you prefer a more relaxed style with the right dress or for an up-do, you can try a softer or textured version of the classic French twist, which is traditionally very tight. A more windswept, lived-in version gives it an edge and looks effortless.

Braid your hair or change your side part, slick your hair back, or pump it up, this is one time to make sure your hair is extra polished.

Be sure to schedule with Salon Evolve so you have plenty of time to accomplish your hair goals, especially for the day of up-do’s and make-up with friends.

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