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Recently in the salon we’ve had people point out one of our stylists hair. It’s an almost white blonde or “platinum blonde”. It’s white with little yellow seen so it's a pretty ashy color. Now when clients point this out, we say it's hard to get to and sometimes impossible, because honestly, it can be impossible. If you have black hair, to get to “white hair” you’re taking a physical toll on your hair. Some hair might not be able to take that damage and it will snap off or break off.

The natural hair color our client has is a dirty light blonde, so it’s not hard to take it up to that white blonde. But our starting color, to go back to the white blonde, was a dark brown. We’re going to give you the total amount of time it took to color her hair, what it cost, and the maintenance.

For her very first highlight, when she decide she wanted to take the blonding journey, this is everything that had to be done and products that needed to be bought, prices included.

1 full foil highlight $100, Olaplex conditioning treatment $35, a toner (toner gets any unwanted brassy color out of the hair) $20, a haircut (because after all the bleach you need a nice clean up) $35 +, highlight shampoo $20.75, indulge mask $26.75, elixir $22.25, olaplex 3 take home $28, brilliance $25.25, keratin therapy $26.25 (tax $8.96). That takes us to a grand total of $351.21 for your first visit. Now, your visits won’t always cost this much, but you need the products to protect your hair from some of the damage that’s about to happen to your hair. Our client got her hair done every 6 weeks the first 6 rounds of highlights until she was able to bleach her whole head out, and then started coming every 4 weeks to touch up her roots. It Took almost 10 months to achieve the color she wanted. Every other appointment with highlights, a cut was done, because you want your hair to stay looking fresh and clean and not damaged and straggly.

The Grand total of products if they were only bought the first time (which you’ll probably have to buy them more than once because not all the products will last you 10 months) was $1,175.21. Now remember, this was over the span of 10 months, her hair feels healthy and looks healthy, is styled and neat, and has a fresh beautiful color. Achieving this bright white blonde takes a lot of time, and money, but in the end it’s worth it when you have a beautiful color and healthy looking hair!

If you're looking to achieve this color we advise to come in for a consultation. Our experienced stylist can tell you estimated cost and time it will take to get to this color.

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