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We often see colors such as pinks, purples, blues, grays, you name it, brought in by clients that are considered fantasy colors! These colors are hard to get, hard to maintain, and very harsh on the hair. Pinterest has made these colors HUGE! No matter what you’re searching on pinterest, at one point, a crazy hair color pops up. They’re appealing to the eye, create a lot of conversation and compliments, but what does it really take to achieve these flawless yet crazy hair colors? Lots and lots of work, and lots of lots of money. Now, not thousands and thousands of hours and dollars, but, if you really want to achieve a look like this, and keep it and maintain it, you need to buy the necessary products to help keep the color!

Lets talk about…. color! So, lets create a scenario… you call to make an appointment to see your stylist. You found a beautiful color on pinterest… lets go with light blue (like an aqua blue you would see in the carribean sea). Mention on the phone that this is what you want. Also mention what color your hair is now. Lets say you’re a beautiful light blonde. This color will be easier to achieve because you are already light. Bleach is always necessary in making your hair light enough to get it to A) hold the color correctly and B) make sure it only takes that color and there isn’t any other colors in your hair that can change the hue of the blue you would want. AKA your hair has to be as light as possible, with no orange or yellow, to make that blue as vibrant as possible. meaning, your first hair appointment might not be the appointment that you achieve this blue. You must protect your hair from complete damage and dryness. Don’t be impatient and rush in one appointment to get to this color. Your stylist is here to keep your hair on your head and as healthy as possible. More appointments will be needed the darker your hair. I know, it sucks, but lets keep that beautiful head of hair there instead of making yourself bald! Also, if you’re one of those people that wants an AWESOME crazy hair color, but want to keep every part of your length, come to the realization, one or the other might not be possible. Lots of bleach does take a toll on your head, trims are needed to keep those ends fresh and clean, instead of straggly and dead.

Next, products!!!! If you even THINK drugstore products are gonna keep the color in your hair, think again. Drug store products are cheap for a reason. They are filled with crazy bad ingredients to keep the cost down. First ingredient besides water is a fancy name for bar soap… like that stuff you clean your body with that makes it feel super weird and stiff after. Do you want your hair to feel like that? No. You want your hair to be soft, smooth, silky, and soft. Salon evolve products are meant to keep your hair healthy, if used correctly. Our products are sulfate free, gluten free, paraben free, all the things you DO NOT want in your hair. If you use drug store products, it will strip the color right out of your hair, starting with your first wash at home. Keep your hair healthy and keep your color in (you just spent all that money to get this color, you would want to keep it in wouldn’t you). Highlight shampoo is good for those blues, and purples. Any cool color is best paired with the highlight shampoo. Warm colors, reds pinks, oranges, are best paired with the anti fade shampoo. They are meant to keep certain colors out of your hair with the particular color that is on your head. Next, you would want to pair it with styling products because they keep your hair healthy and shiny! Keratin therapy is needed because when bleaching your head, you’re stripping keratin out of your head. you need to put the keratin back in to keep it healthy! Also elixir. Elixir is the primer for your hair! It is the first thing you want in your head after you get out of the shower. Elixir is a leave in conditioner that helps with tangles, pulls, and any dryness. Elixir also has sunscreen in it, therefor protecting you from the sun and any sun damage. lastly, brilliance! Brilliance is a silicon based heat protectant spray. This silicon is not bad, it just supplies enough to leave you with touchable soft hair! Use it while blow drying, or any other heat styling to keep it from damage.

Fantasy colors are all over the place now! They’re in high demand at salons and people constantly want them but never realize all the work that goes in. So before you go and book your appointment to get a cool pastel color or rainbow hair, remember these main factors:

Fantasy colors will probably take more than one appointment to achieve this look.

The bleaching process takes a toll on your hair (can ruin the integrity of your hair, you might have to cut it, etc.)

Fantasy colors won’t last long without taking the correct steps in maintaining the color.

Products are key in keeping your hair healthy during these steps.

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