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Don't Forget Dad

Updated: Jul 2, 2022

With Father's Day coming up right around the corner, we are featuring some awesome deals to show Dad that he deserves to feel handsome and pampered, too! Relax and unwind from a long, hard-working week with a 10-minute scalp massage in our spa getaway shampoo room, or enjoy 20% off all pomades! You'll be pleasantly surprised to know this sale includes our Salon Evolve line and Kevin Murphy! We'll keep looking out to see you featured on Australian Vogue with his products ;)


Here's a big thank you to all the dads out there doing their best every day!

You're the best!

- Also -

We'll let you in on a little sneak peak of our brand new summer-exclusive facial line featuring the organic and natural FarmHouse Fresh! We are now accepting July appointments.


Happy Father's Day from Salon Evolve!


*stay tuned for more*

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