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Celebrate Independence!

It's time to celebrate!

Let's take some time this weekend to truly appreciate the gift that we have been given here in America- our freedom. Sending love all around the world, let's make the most of what we've got. Stop in and see us today for 50% off Summer jewelry!! Also don't forget about our new summer facial menu featuring FarmHouse Fresh. This exclusive menu will only last until the end of August; schedule your appointments now!

Now let's take a sneak peak at some other exciting news happening around Salon Evolve this month! Keep an eye out for our rotating skincare menu to keep up with all the freshest trends and ingredients!

Just in:

* NEW* Plant-based plastic detangling Wet Brushes! ( $16 )

National Chocolate Day! (July 7th)

Stop in for your favorite facial paired with our "Sundae Best" chocolate mask!

Made with real cocoa, this delightful mask will hit all of your senses, and leave your skin looking and feeling soft, fresh, and rejuvenated!

This is one you don't want to miss ;)

*In honor of this special holiday, Salon Evolve will be closed Sunday, July 3rd - Monday, July 4th. We will reopen on Tuesday, July 5th and are looking forward to pampering you after a long weekend!*

As always with love,

Happy 4th of July !

from the team here at Salon Evolve

(610) 489-5525

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