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We Appreciate YOU!

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

The last couple of years have been crazy to say the least- but when times are unpredictable we know that our customers are the most vital part of what keeps our Salon going! Every year, we at Salon Evolve love to show our customers how much we appreciate them by giving them a discount on all Evolve Signature Products. From Black Friday through New Years Eve we are offering 15% off of both our Signature and Platinum lines of Salon Evolve products!

As an additional way to enjoy your Salon Evolve Experience during the holiday months, we are adding a warm and cozy addition to our 10 Minute Scalp Massage - you can now achieve a new level of relaxation with essential oils noted with winter spices and confectionary aromas. Enjoy the time you are here and take 10 minutes to relax and disconnect with our massage- you'll thank yourself after.

It's also important to keep your hair healthy and moisturized during the dry and cold weather that comes with the new season. Be sure to treat yourself to one of our many treatments that we offer to help preserve your color, seal your ends, and moisturize your hair to keep you looking fresher longer this Holiday Season.

Our Salon loves to keep expanding and evolving with our clients- new and returning. We offer incredible incentives to spread the word of our growing business! We have an exclusive referral program, as well as our all-inclusive Gift Certificates to share the love of good hair and skin with those special people in your life, and to say thank you to those who are currently enjoying our services.

There has never been a better time to show our appreciation for our clients and to welcome new ones, so enjoy your time with us this holiday season and help us share what we do best with some new faces and add to our growing Salon Family!

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