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"It is unparalleled attention to the entire illumination experience that has set Voluspa apart, and ahead, from the start. Our candles represent a discreet nod to extravagance by combining meticulously crafted scents made with impeccable ingredients, packaged to exquisite perfection."

Salon evolve is happy to announce that we now sell Voluspa candles. Voluspa candles have been seen at Nordstroms, online, and in big fashion magazines. Created in 1999 by Troy and Traci Arntsen, they’ve created a well known and trusted company from the ground up. What started as an in home production just by the two of them has now grown into a manufacturing company in Southern California. Hand crafted scents and beautiful decorative jars are the perfect addition to your home. Scents from vanilla, flowers, or spices can be bought. Small jars are available as are larger jars that will last a few weeks ( if burnt everyday)! Diffusers are also for sale if you are not sure about candles in your house! Stop in today to pick up one for yourself or as a gift for the holiday season!

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