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Trust the Process!

With only 5 weeks left of winter, (yay!) we’re starting to feel that fling for spring! Let’s start talking about the process of getting those dark tones in your hair back to being light and bright! Spring is all about new beginnings and change, so don't be afraid to start blossoming into an even fresher version of yourself.

Do blondes really have more fun? You tell us!

Keep in mind that every head of hair is different, so please schedule a consultation with a stylist to go over exactly what your hair needs and the steps to achieve the look you love.

If you identify close to this level of hair color:

And are looking to be anywhere in this region:

Then it’s time to start booking your appointments now!

You might have heard your stylist talking about “levels” of hair color. Level 1 is the darkest level of brown/black, with Level 10 being the lightest, platinum blonde. On an average highlight appointment - without severely damaging your hair - lightener will take you three to four levels higher up on the chart. This means that if you have dark brown hair, you will leave your first appointment with lighter brown hair. In order to maintain the best integrity of your hair, we recommend at least 3 appointments to achieve your best look!

* Box-dye color WILL affect these results *

Please consider getting a treatment at each of your appointments to keep the moisture and essential nutrients in your hair that are stripped during the chemical lightening process. We recommend bond-building treatments to keep your strands nurtured and in-tact, protecting from breakage so you can keep that beautiful length! Our most recommended treatments are Olaplex, B3, and our beloved Elixir 11. Ask us about treatments to take home with you and extend the health of your hair!

When going from dark to blonde, it's a big change! This also means your habits must change too. Please invest in salon professional products, which don't contain ingredients that actually damage your hair, leading you to purchase even more products. We encourage you to check out this life-changing flyer about chemicals used in 80% of drugstore hair products. Feel safe knowing that we, at Salon Evolve, use none of these in our products; and we all use our own line. In fact, we have people who order from our hair care line from all over the United States!

We are serious about respecting you, your well-being, and the health of your hair. Afterall, your hair is the investment that you wear every day to express who you are.

And you. mean. business.

Salon Evolve


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