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Since our lives are becoming more increasingly mobile, travel size products have become a way of life!

Weekend getaways, overnight trips, gym bags, swim bags, handbags and of course this time of year… stocking stuffers.

At Salon Evolve, we think it’s very important for our clients to be able to take their favorite products with them when they travel so they feel comfortable and can stick to their routine. It is also important to remember that the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) only allows liquid, aerosol and gel items to be stored in containers 3.4 ounce or smaller.

Another reason why we love to offer travel sizes is that it allows our clients and their friends to try new products that their stylist or their friends may suggest without making a full-size commitment. It gives them the opportunity to try a product with minimum investment.

At Salon Evolve we are offering buy 3 get 1 FREE on all our travel size products! So, it’s time to stock up on your favs!

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