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Make an entrance. Let your hair make a statement at your special event this season with expert hair color, balayage, styling, make-up and an incredible classic, yet trendy up-do!

For your up-do, you may want to try a softer or textured version of the classic French twist, which is traditionally very tight. A more windswept, lived-in version gives it edge and looks effortless.

Let your hair down if you prefer a more relaxed style with the right dress. Just remember that changing your style for your main event, whether it’s subtle or bold, it is an opportunity to step outside of your everyday look and make a noticeable difference.

Note: Keeping travel-sized products in your clutch will make your look last through the night. “We absolutely cannot live without Evolve Dry Texturizing Spray,” “It’s a cross between a dry shampoo, hair refresher, and hair spray. A few sprays on roots can bring a style back to life and get you an additional day out of your blow-out.” in Limerick, PA

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