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Fall/winter season is upon us and it’s time to add new tones to your makeup routine. We love these seasons as your make-up won't melt off your face the second you walk out the door!

Don’t dispose of your favorite trends as each of us do have our own special color palette. Mostly you’ll need to lose the pastel and sun-kissed glow makeup and go for the heavier metals and some smoky colors to compliment your fall wardrobe.

Let’s start by reviving the gold lip or adding a bright red matte that will make you look put-together even if the rest of your face is totally bare.

Golden lids are always in, but you may want to try lightening up the gold for a brighter look and adding the smoky shades around the outer corners of the eyes. If you like the full smoky look, try a copper eyeshadow on the full lid.

Just remember the look is elegant and not costume-like. This is a sultry season, so get make-up ready and look your best.

Special event? Or just looking for new colors and a new look? Book at Salon Evolve during October with our own make-up artist Michael and receive 50% off your make-up application and we will donate $5 toward Susan B. Komen fight for the cure.

Schedule today. 610-489-5525

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