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This time of year, we want to enjoy the outdoors, but the sun, wind and rain showers tend to be our hairs worst enemy. Do you deal with unmanageable hair this time of year? Are you in pursuit of silky, soft, frizz-free hair?

No more worries... at Salon Evolve we will help you get your hair under control and manageable with a Keratin treatment!  Two different types of keratins are available. A full keratin is the strongest treatment and is for our clients with super frizzy unmanageable hair. Frizz is reduced up to 90% with this service and can last between 3-6 months. It’s amazing! It also decreases blow dry time by almost half and can leave your hair smoother and softer.  The second keratin is called an Express. An Express can be added to any hair service such as a haircut or a blow dry. Express treatments decrease frizz by 40% and last from 6-8 weeks. An express is appropriate for people with manageable hair but just need an extra kick for frizz.

Keratins are a great addition to your hair services for summer time as it will certainly help to control that crazy beach frizz or humidity frizz and cut down on styling time.

For cost and to schedule an appointment please call 610-489-5525

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