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Replacing & Cleaning Beauty Products

Since Covid-19 we have had a huge change in how we look at sanitation, and while it is important to keep our homes clean, we can’t forget about our beauty products, and tools! Clean those makeup brushes, hairbrushes, beauty blenders, and get rid of that old mascara and expired product; your hair and skin will thank you.

If you don’t want to spend the time it takes on properly sanitizing your tools buy ones that are made of plastic or non-porous material with synthetic bristles. Salon Evolve has a variety of easily maintained brushes and tools.

Hairbrushes can carry bacteria, dust mites, mold and yeast and can cause hair loss and infection. Dirty makeup brushes can clog pores, cause infection, accelerate wrinkles, attract parasites, and poorly apply makeup. For hair brushes use shampoo and hot water with anti-bacterial hand wash.

Bar soap is great for beauty blenders and makeup brushes. Stand brushes upside down so water can’t soak into the handle. When everything is dried thoroughly mist with 99.9 % isopropyl alcohol to ensure there is no bacteria left behind. Eye shadows and compact powder can be misted as well with alcohol to sanitize.

Check expiration dates. Bacteria in most bathrooms can be deadly or cause disease such as staff, strep, and MRSA among other things. Toilet water spray can travel to any exposed item in your bathroom After you have properly sanitized, take care of you! Take a break from heavy product and color if you can and do one of our clarifying treatments followed by one of our conditioning treatments to remove build up, brighten hi-lights, and hydrate those ends Our oils and leave in conditioner helps fight breakage and protect from sun damage

while you’re in the warmer weather, if your struggling to get your hair past a certain length odds are your ends are breaking. Our bodies and hair are porous and

absorb everything we touch. Make sure you are cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturizing on a daily basis and try to wear zero make during this time to let those pores breath and get that skin hydrated and glowing Use this time wisely and healthily to start new habits and take care of your hair and skin so when you get back to us we have a fresh canvas to start with If any of your products or tools are too far gone Salon Evolve offers a variety of at home treatments and product as well as cosmetics, styling tools and brushes which we use on all of our clients. Our team is trained to handle any questions or needs you may have. We will be doing curbside pick-up for products tools and root retouch kits!

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