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New Year, Best Hair!

With the beginning of a new year comes all the great resolutions that we focus all of our energy obtaining - but - don’t forget about your hair! It’s no secret that when we look good, we feel good, and we get more done!

Did you know that during the winter your hair is the most prone to breakage and inevitable dehydration? Don’t let the cold weather get the best of you this season. Cold, dry, and harsh winds strip your hair of the natural oils it needs to effectively nourish your scalp and strands. Experts recommend using a treatment on your hair at least once a week during the cold winter months, so don’t hesitate to wonder if now is the right time. Protect your head and hair by utilizing one of the many treatments that we have here at Salon Evolve to restore the health and integrity of your hair.

  • Olaplex is one of our most popular treatments because of its versatile advantages. Not only does it protect your hair from chemical damage, such as bleach from highlights or balayage, but Olapalex also prevents any further damage by mending the hair follicles and creating a healthier, shinier bond. We recommend getting the Olaplex treatment with every chemical color service for optimal results.

  • Our Sunflower treatment is also a must-have for this dry and windy season, especially for colored hair. This treatment is an antioxidant-based solution that rids your cuticle of any free radicals, preserving, hydrating, and extending the life of your colored hair. Ask us about taking a single-use vial of the Sunflower treatment home with you!

  • The Biominoil - we love it. This heat-activated treatment is another bonding serum that does its job from root to end. It is packed with vitamins and nutrients from the Mediterranean Sea and restores any lost moisture from your hair while locking in and extending your color; essential for meeting your hair growth goals!

While these are just a few of our many and most popular treatments, check out our conditioning page for more information. These treatments can be added to any haircut or color service, or even done on their own with just a wash and blow dry. We, at Salon Evolve, know that you’re going to make this your best year yet, why not invest in yourself to look good while you’re doing it?

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