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Never Say Never

So many clients come into the salon and say "I could NEVER wear my hair like that" or

"My hair will Never be past my shoulders" or "I will NEVER have full hair like yours" but we're now able to turn those "NEVER" into "now I have"!

Through the years the beauty industry has come a long way with hair and beauty enhancements. One way we are particularly fond of is Hair Extensions. Salon Evolve carries one of the worlds lead extension brands Hair Dream which come in a variety of methods. The two we carry are Tape in and Bonded Extensions

Hair Dreams Quikkies are our tape in option which are extremely comfortable virtually undetectable and the hair is high quality and ethically sourced from Europe. Quikkies are the perfect option for clients who just want a pop of color or long locks with a life span of 4-6 weeks which is the typical amount of time between color services.

Hair Dreams Bonded Extensions are perfect for clients who want more longevity with their hair which last up to 6 months before reapplying them

All of Salon Evolve services are customized to every client based on individual needs and comfort level . Every beauty enhancement such as color, lash extensions, and hair extensions require a curtain level of upkeep which is always important to consider before investing in a service. We are more than happy to consult any client on all of our services and enhancements before going forward.

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