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Many of you are curious (and ask when in the salon) about how to get the beach wave curl. You know, the super loose curl where it literally looks like the easiest thing to do ever. It really is easy once you get the hang of it. Here is your quick and easy how-to beach wave curl.

Things you’ll need:

1 inch to 1 and a quarter inch curling iron

beach wave texture spray

stay spray

texture gelle

texture spray


Step one: In damp towel dried hair apply about 2 pumps of the Texture Gelle from roots to ends. Then spray beach waves around the hair.

Step two: Tousle dry hair with a blowdryer til dry. Try not to use a round brush if possible, due to it making your hair too straight and then your hair can’t hold the curl.

Step three: When hair is fully dry clip hair into 1 to 1 1/2 in sections. spray each section with stay spray to help hold the curl. You do not want to use anything stronger because it will give you too tight of a curl.

Step four: Curl each piece around once or twice (shorter hair only once around the barrel, longer hair around two to three times if you have super long hair). Leave about an inch of the ends out. That will help to keep the curl looking looser on the ends. go back and fourth switching the way you curl. So one curl will go to the left and one to the left, this will keep the curls from forming together into one big curl.

Step five: Complete this all around the head. Front pieces curl AWAY from your face.

Step six: Brush curls out using fingers or a comb.

Step seven: Spray hair with texture spray to give it a loose messy look!

Step eight: Turn curling iron off and flaunt your new do!

Easy as that!

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