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For most of us, we all have some big event of the holiday season. Whether it’s a house party, a local beef and beer, elegant dinner in the city, or huge ballroom style event. Let’s face it, there are usually a multitude of festivities to attend and you not only want to make sure your outfit pops with the right amount of holiday cheer but most importantly choosing the right products for your holiday healthy hair.

Before you even start on the style, it’s important to focus on well-conditioned healthy hair to have it feel and look soft and silky.

Start with one of Salon Evolves sulphate free shampoos. If you have not yet tried a sulphate free, then do!!! Your hair will love you for it! There is NO SALT fillers in these products so it will keep your hair hydrated, even at the ends. It’s important for healthy hair growth. You only need to use a little and just cleanse the scalp and the shampoo will rinse through the ends.

Next, condition your hair. This is the key to gorgeous hair. Our preferred choice without doubt is Evolve Colormoist Conditioner. This works for all ages and all hair types. It works in a miraculous way by transforming your hair instantly to a silky manageable texture. Be sure to work it through your hair for even distribution to get the best results. It works instantly on contact with your hair, so you don’t need to let it sit. That’s a bonus in saving time in getting out the door.

Lastly, we recommend EvolveTexturing Gelle. This is an amazing product that will protect your hair from cold in winter and from humidity, UV rays and color fade. It’s also your protection against heated styling tools. It does not weigh your hair down either. Once your hair is ready take a very small amount and run it through your hair to keep it looking perfect for your whole event.

And for those who like to cut your hair drying time in half. Yes. We said half!! Just spray-in some Evolve Brilliance fast dry spray and you’re ready to go!

These products truly make it easy to have beautiful healthy hair.

If you are still unsure about which products are best for you, we welcome you to sit down with one of our stylists to discuss different products that can help you with your 2020 hair routine so you can achieve the healthiest hair for you.

Note: all Evolve products are 15% off thru Dec 31st 2019. Pick up in the salon or on-line @ use promo code #GIFT.

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