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Have you ever heard your stylist mention a gloss, a toner, or a glaze. It is a quick and easy service that is done sometimes during highlights, color, or balayage. It can also be used as a service in between colors though. A gloss is a demi permanent color that can be used to tone down color. Is can also be used as a color for roots if you need a little color added but you do not want to use a permanent color. Glosses are easy to use and maintain and the slowly fade out naturally instead of causing a line of regrowth. Glosses are also great for newcomers to color to try out a new shade or tone to your hair without the cause of permanent color.

If you are ready to try a new color or just feel your color is not suiting you well and you need a little change talk to your stylist about trying a gloss, it makes a difference with your hair without the harshness or permanency that permanent color gives to your hair!

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