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It’s finally spring time, warmth, sun and humidity! Which to some people that means puffy, frizzy, crazy unmanageable hair. Now, if you are one of those people, then listen to this. What if we told you there was something to help you with your unmanageable hair during the summer… because we have something, Keratins! Keratin treatments are MADE for frizzy hair. Keratins reduce up to 90% of frizz for up to 6 months!

Two different types of keratins are available. The full keratin is the strongest one. The full keratin treatment is for people with super frizzy unmanageable hair. Frizz is reduced up to 90% with this service and can last between 3-6 months. It also decreases blow dry time by almost half, and can leave your hair smoother and softer. (keratins are not a permanent straightening service). The second keratin is an Express. An Express can be added to any hair service such as a haircut or a blowdry. Express treatments decrease frizz by 40% and last from 6-8 weeks. An express is appropriate for people with manageable hair but just need an extra kick for frizz, but not as strong as the full!

Quick facts to know before going into your appointment:

No hair ties, headbands or tucking your hair behind your ear till you wash your hair for the first time after the service. This is to prevent any dents created in the hair.

You can not wash your hair for 24 hrs after the full keratin and 8 hrs after the express.

keratins decrease your blowdry time almost in half!

Our Lasio keratin only has .02% formaldehyde which is one of the lowest amounts in a keratin (the FDA health limit is .2% and osha’s health limit is .1%).

Keratins are a great addition to your hair services for spring and summer time! It'll help style your hair faster, not have crazy frizz at the beach or in the humid months, and make your hair more manageable!

For cost and to schedule an appointment please call 610-489-5525

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