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Feeling Dull?

Brighten up your skin and your spirits this season with a facial here at Evolve! We offer a variety of different services to perfectly match your skin where it’s at right now, and determine what it needs to be at it’s best. Our personal favorite for this season is our Signature Facial paired with a dermaplaning session and topped with your personally chosen HydroJelly mask!

If you’re not familiar with the HydroJelly masks, allow us to let you in on some amazing benefits they offer and how they promote healthier skin. When you apply a HydroJelly mask, you are:

  • Preventing clogged pores

  • Restoring electrolyte imbalances

  • Enhancing skin barrier functions

  • Replenishing the skin’s natural water reserves

  • Toning and reducing inflammation

* You can also add our Intensive Aftercare mask to any waxing appointment to achieve the same results and effectively soothe your post-wax skin. *

(We all know we could use that!)

While the HydroJelly masks are suitable for all skin types, feel free to take our quick 10-question quiz to assess your skin type and see which HydroJelly mask is the right one for you! You can also take a look below at all of the options that we offer, along with the main problematic areas they are formulated to treat:

  • Pure Himalayan White Tea - clarifying & antiseptic

  • Antioxidant Goji - regeneration & radiance

  • Brightening Complex - inhabits melanin & lightens skin

  • Hyaluronic Acid - superior moisture retention

  • LED Light See-Through - paired with LED Light Therapy

  • Intensive Aftercare - instant relief & blemish reduction

  • Purifying Actived Charcoal - clarifying & soothing

  • Renewal Boost - revitalizing & elasticity

  • Youthful Elixir - truffle & 24K Gold

  • Skin Warrior Ageless - firming & elasticity

  • Spot Diminishing Ala - 5-aminolevulinic acid - Blue LED Light

  • Illuminating Orange - anti-pigment & spots

This windy winter season can be really hard on our skin, and strip it of the nutrients that it needs to sustain itself. Be sure to always keep moisturizer on hand (a heavier cream is best for dry and cold temperatures) and keep drinking plenty of water to replenish any lost hydration. When you stay hydrated, your skin -and hair- will follow! Schedule a consultation with one of our estheticians today to accurately assess your skin type, it’s needs, and some goals of your own.

Be sure to discuss your answers and results from the quiz with your esthetician! Don’t forget that while you may get facials or hydrafacials every 2 - 6 weeks, it is recommended to treat your skin at LEAST every twelve weeks with the change of each season. We are here, and we love helping you achieve the best version of yourself. :)

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