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Fall is finally here which means it’s time for a change to your hair! Jumping into a change for the season might be too much for people so keeping your hair color bright from the summer is always something to keep until fall is farther into the season. But changing your cut can give you just that little change you’re craving. Summer is for long  “mermaid” hair, and fall is for new cuts and chops to your hair to give you that fun sassy style. For 2017 shag cuts and textured bobs are in.

The top 5 cuts for the season are, long hair with shaggy layers, choppy shoulder length hair, a textured lob with bangs, a textured midi bob, and blunt elongated layers. Shaggy layers with long hair is great for people that can’t stray away from their long hair. It gives them a different style with texture that couldn’t have been maintained during the summer. Choppy shoulder length hair is perfect for anyone ready to take the plunge into a new fresh hairstyle. Cutting off all the dry damaged ends and starting new with your cut. Keeping the length at your shoulders makes people feel their hair is still “longer” but a new cut. The choppy style makes it feel free and not uniformed.

Textured lobs and midi bobs are great for people ready to take their hair to a different style. Cutting your hair short for the fall with give it that fresh clean feeling by getting all the dry damaged ends from the summer sun. added texture will keep it in style and easy maintenance. Adding some soft curls to your style will give it extra time without having to restyle or wash after the second day!

Any style for the fall is great if texture it added. Long layers, bobs, lobs or keeping your long hair and adding different shape will give you a fresh, new style! Call and schedule today!

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