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If you’re going to a family dinner, a cocktail party with friends or a romantic getaway with your partner, here are 5 reasons why you should get lash extensions:

1. Start your Holiday early with some relaxing pampering! What’s better than lying down and relaxing with your eyes closed while you get gorgeous? Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it?

2. Cut down your getting ready time You don’t want to spend hours getting ready on holiday, so don’t. Lash extensions will add both length and volume to your lash line, eliminating the need for mascara and eyeliner so it will reduce the time it takes to do your make up and you’ll have more time to enjoy your holiday.– you can jump right out of bed and start running your holiday errands, all while looking perfectly polished.

3. They’re long lasting Luckily, eyelash extensions can last indefinitely as long as you refill about every 2 to 3 weeks, so they can keep you covered throughout the entire holiday season.

4. They look terrific! No matter what your age, personal style, eye shape, or eye color, lash extensions are simply stunning on everyone. Not only do they add length and volume; they’re also incredibly lightweight, giving the appearance and feel of natural lashes. From breakfast to cocktail party or even on a holiday beach vacation, your lashes will look amazing ALL the time.

5. A Gift to Yourself Because we are so focused on entertaining and purchasing gifts for others that we often forget about ourselves, try a little indulgence for yourself, especially when it has all of the beautifying benefits and convenience that lash extensions do.

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