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Calling all curls! Are you frustrated with your hair, have no idea how to maintain the curls, or how to style it? Well we have finally gathered tons of research to figure out how we can help you. People are particular about how their curls are going to be maintained and who’s going to maintain them. Curls are hard to work with. Every curl is different. People have frizzy curls and then there is curly hair that is perfect in every way (or so it looks). No curl pattern is the same and people need to realize that.

Curls are created by the shape of the cortex formation. Curls are also created by the protein structure and the amount of disulfide bonds that occur in the hair protein. Now that’s a lot to take in, so to make it simple. What the hair is created by (the protein) is shaped in all different ways. Bonds create the protein ( bonds create the linkage of the hair). Hormones and different medications can change the texture of the hair, which can create curl or take your curl away. Have you ever seen someone who’s gone through chemo and their hair was originally straight and blonde and then after they are off chemo, their hair grows back a little darker and more of a defiant curl? It’s because of the chemo changing the hormones in your body which then created a different hair texture. It can also happen when you're pregnant. Your hair stops shedding during your pregnancy, and then once the baby is born, your hair thins and can change texture! Now it doesn’t happen to everyone but it does happen more frequently than not.

Now there are many different types of curls, too many to explain. So there are three very specific way to explain the basics of the patterns. There’s 3a, 3b, and 3c. Type 3a is a fine and thin type of curl. It created big loose spiral curls. This curl pattern is very sensitive to climate but it’s easy to maintain. Which means frizz happens but because the hair is finer, it’s easier to control. Then there is 3b. 3b curl is a medium bouncy ringlet curl that are very defined. The strands are more of a medium thickness. This curl pattern craves moisture because it’s thicker and more curled than 3a. Conditioning and mask’s are necessary in maintaining this curl pattern. 3c curl is a medium thickness with different types of curls throughout. 3c has a mixture of coily, bouncy and corkscrew curls. This curl pattern is more coarse than the others and can become bigger and frizzy if not taken care of properly. Every curl pattern can flatter every face shape, as long as it is styled, cut and taken care of in the correct way.

Products are key to actually keeping the style alive and tamed. Stylist can always help and teach you how to maintain and style your hair the correct way if you don’t know how to do it. Evolve has specific curl products for your hair such as creams, foams, mousses, texture gelle’s, and shampoos. Co wash shampoos are best for curly hair because it doesn’t fully strip the hair of its natural oils like a full sudsing shampoo does. The co wash is a creme so it cleanses your hair without the sudsing feeling. Curls need the natural oils to keep it fresh and alive instead of dull and dry. Curls best friend is a cream based curl product that is a softer product. It helps define the curl and smooth down fly aways. the curl lift foam is a foam based product (obvious by the name). the foam creates a light but stronger hold for curls.

some fun knowledge that will help style your hair the best you can! When drying your hair, a diffuser should be used to enhance the curl pattern. When you use just the end of a blow drier or a concentrator, it blows the curl pattern down and loses the formation. Using a wide tooth comb or finger comb is  also the best way to brush the curl because it’s just losing the hair to get rid of the knots. A full paddle brush brushes the curls away and creates frizz which makes it harder to maintain. brush from ends to top.. Use an old soft tee shirt instead of a towel, it doesn’t rough up the curls and creates a soft texture. And lastly, having your hair longer, creates a looser curl pattern because the curls are weighing down. Therefore when getting your haircut, stylist might dry and straighten your hair before cutting, just dry it with the curl to see how it falls, or use less tension so there hair isn’t cut as much as it would seem. The shorter the hair is cut, the more spring comes back to the curl.

When scheduling an appointment and you feel nervous about your hair being styled, ask for a stylist who has cut curly hair frequently instead of just taking a chance. Most stylist know what they're doing and have been taught how to handle curls.


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