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Benefits of Balayage

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

Salon Evolve appreciates the investment you put into

your hair and we strive to help you look and feel your best!

One of the many benefits of balayage is its ability to grow

out seamlessly. This allows your hair to go longer in between

lightening sessions. However, we still want to see you, and here are just

some of the many reasons...

Over time your hair can collect buildup from many factors including,

but not limited to:

* Minerals found in your water

* Product buildup (drugstore shampoos/conditioners, dry

shampoo, hairsprays, volumizers/thickeners)

* Smoke

* UV damage

* Chemicals used in pools

* Environmental pollution

Coming in for quick maintenance appointments will keep you

looking your best without breaking the bank!

Here are several terrific ways to keep your balayage looking its best:

* Treatments

o Malibu C: Clarifying treatments catered to remove

excess buildup while providing moisture and

brightening blondes. These can also be used prior to

any color service to provide the best canvas for you

stylist to work on!

o Bio Phil: pH balanced treatments will help your hair

stay in its healthiest state through science! Knowing

how pH affects the hair allows us to customize which

treatment will best help and heal your hair!

o Olaplex: With every lightening service the bonds

holding our hair together get weaker and weaker.

Adding Olaplex into your color or coming in for a

stand alone treatment will help strengthen the bonds

and prevent any chemical damage or breakage.

* Gloss

o Coming in to get a gloss will not only beat the

brass that many people dislike. It will also leave

the hair shinier and softer than ever before!

* Haircuts

o Coming in for regular trims or dustings will allow

us to catch split ends early and not allow them to

keep splitting up the hair strand. Which means

your hair will grow longer and stronger more

quickly! This also prevents the big “CHOP”

(having to cut multiple inches off so they do not

chemically break off) when going lighter!

* The Trifecta!

o Coming in for all 3 services every 6-8 weeks will

insure you hair is always in it best condition!

We want to help you have the happiest, healthiest hair possible!

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