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Back-to-School Season

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

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We've been dealing with some pretty extreme situations these last couple of years. HOPEFULLY, we can start looking into an even brighter future, beginning with this school year! Make a statement by creating the best version of yourself, and be ready to conquer whatever is in store for you this year and your future. :)

Hair: A FRESH CUT IS A NECESSITY. The sooner you book, the better. Spots are already filling up quickly for August. Looking to switch up your shape? Here's some inspiration pictures created by yours truly at Evolve.

Color? Do something different! This is a time meant for change, and you have the ability to reinvent yourself! Become a post-quarantine QUEEN. Freshen up with some highlights or go for a balayage that will look great without having constant maintenance.

Here's a look at what's been trending in the salon!

Skin: Cut the acne and oily build-up before it even gets a chance to be seen by your colleagues. Come in for a consultation (at the very least!) to set up a personalized care plan for your specific skincare needs. The best remedy for sweat and oil-congested skin is a hydrafacial. Although, if you're looking for a less high-maintenance routine, allow us to curate some products to bring a little exfoliation, brightening, and plumping into your life. You can thank us later! ;)

I know, this is a lot of information. Don't stress it because we are here to help. :) DO as little or as much as you feel comfortable! Make this your best year yet, and go in to show your peers who you really are. Helping you to express yourself is our specialty! <3

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