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A Sun Kissed Summer

Updated: Jul 23, 2021

Whether you are going to the beach or sunbathing in the backyard this summer, it is vital to care for your hair and skin. At Salon Evolve we strive to use the best ingredients in all of our products for both skin and hair. To help protect and enhance the look and feel of your hair and skin, we have worked with one of the best chemists in the industry and carry some of the industry leads in hair repair and skincare.

During the summer months it is very important to hydrate both inside and out. With the combination of drinking plenty of water and using the right products on your hair and skin, you can glow like the sun with soft skin and healthy hydrated locks.

Salon Evolve is very excited to expand into skincare with our two new Estheticians who provide our guests with a range of facial services as well as full body waxing using essential ingredients for radiant healthy skin. A combination of body waxing and one of our spa facials, your skin will always be left exfoliated and hydrated allowing your skin to accept more nutrients.

As a hair salon, first and foremost, our passion has always been great hair and the best and healthiest hair care products to protect and enhance every strand with uv protection and rich essential oils and pure organic ingredients.

Now that we are able to care for all of your hair AND skin needs this summer, we invite to try our new spa services and continue with us to help provide you with the healthiest and most hydrated version of you from head to toe so you can have the look of a "Sun Kissed Summer"!

Fountain of Youth Skincare Now at Evolve!

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