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Winter Hair Survival Tips

Winter is harsh on all hair types and textures. Just like your skin, your hair needs the right care and products to stay moisturized and healthy.

Adding moisturizing products to your salon visit or at home between visits is the smart way to protect your hair from the cold winds, freezing temperatures, indoor dry heat, and static electricity.

First off you should look for shampoos containing nourishing hair care oils—such as an argan, hemp and marula oils. It is essential to always condition after shampooing. And don’t skimp on the time you leave it in. Wintertime needs a good conditioner.

Recommended Conditioner: Evolve Anti-Frizz Conditioner with Argan & Avocado Oils or Marula & Grapeseed Conditioner.

One of the best ways to restore moisture is to use an oil-based hair treatment. A lightweight leave in formula. These oils have become even more popular because of their notable soothing and moisturizing properties which help revitalize dry, damaged hair.

Recommended Hair Treatment: Evolve’s Moroccan Miracle and/or Elixir 11.

Adding a deep conditioning weekly is a must for your healthiest winter hair and will help replenish moisture and combat the effects of hot styling tools, static hair and fly away hair.

Recommended Deep Conditioning Treatment: Evolve Sunflower Treatment is great for color treated hair or add a Biomin treatment to your color service. Try a Biophil 694 for dry brittle fragile hair or a Biophil 972 for those extra dry scalps.

If you love a face mask for healthy skin, you should use a hair mask to repair & replenish damaged hair. Hair masks can reverse the effects of dryness and protect your hair while adding shine.

Recommended Hair Masque: Evolve Indulge Masque

Just remember, Dry hair can be treated by using the right products. Take care of your hair and if you feel that you need that extra something for your winter hair survival, tell your stylist to get the right treatments for you!


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