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The summer solstice marks the onset of summer and is the longest day of the year.

It’s the time to embrace the summer and start using products that help you enjoy the outdoors with easy hair care.

At Salon Evolve our #1 client favorite product is Elixir 11.  We recommend using Elixir 11 before and after going into the sun, sea, or pool. Elixir has sunscreen in it to protect your strands from heat damage. It is also a leave in conditioner, so it helps with any damage from saltwater or chlorine.

Have you ever used a Wet Brush? We highly recommend you add this to your summer musts! It is the best to effortlessly run through wet hair instead of hacking away at knots. It leaves hair feeling soft with much fewer split ends. The bristles aren't stiff or sharp, instead, they are thin and pliable, which allows them to bend and adjust to your hair. You can now brush from root to end. Despite its name, it's totally fair game to use the brush on wet and dry hair and can also be used on extensions and wigs.

Just in time for the solstice, when you purchase a 5oz Elixir 11 at Salon Evolve, you will receive 50% off a pro detangler Wet Brush thru 6/30/19. Have a great summer and don’t forget to schedule your hair appointments before you go away.

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