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Summer Skin is IN

We've all been waiting for it.. and it's finally here! Welcome to


Don't get beat by the heat this season- schedule your next facial from our new and exclusive summer menu! Whether your looking to lock in that moisture and protect from summer rays, brighten up and keep your cool, or hop in the time machine and visit your skin from 2010; we've got you covered! Literally, indulge in top-of-the line skin products that renew your skin from the deepest layers, and continue to work for days- even weeks- after use. See for yourself the power of all natural and organic ingredients that are grown farm-fresh right in the heart of Texas!

and scroll to read more below :)


( Perfect for Summer! )

A citrus based foaming cleanser begins your treatment — whisking away excess oils and dirt from the day. Any redness and irritations are then calmed with a creamy organic matcha green tea mask, followed by a boost of vitamin C in the form of a silky serum! The appearance of wrinkles and fine lines are greatly diminished with a Hi- Bio ® Hemp infused gelée serum, made with watermelon extract for a rich source of antioxidants. Finish with a 100% mineral sunscreen to protect and glow forth with your day!

Begin with a foaming gel cleanser made with complexion brightening Hi-Bio ® Hemp to begin the journey to your glow-town. An aronia fruit extract toner then alleviates the look of pores as if they’ve gone POOF! Any rough, dry skin is gently cleared away with a unique 5-plantfoliant blend created to refine, soothe and purify. A creamy mask infused with chamomile extract and fermented lemon peel is painted on to boost skin’s radiance. Next, we depuff and visibly calm when an organic rose hydrosol serum glides on with cooling facial globes. End with an eye-perfecting serum to treat the appearance of fine lines.

A creamy green tea extract & pH-balancing cleanser takes center stage to begin! A rose water tonic then helps minimize the appearance of pores, while replenishing complexion with much needed antioxidants. A whipped, natural plant fiber exfoliant then gently sloughs away rough, dead skin. Newly soft and smooth, a delicious CoQ10 mask is painted on to tighten and bring forth vibrance. This mask is made with real cocoa too — zero calories, zero guilt! Get back to youth with a resveratrol-packed serum that alleviates the look of fine lines. Next, a velvety whip made with brightening plant-based retinol alternative, bakuchiol, adds a wave of hydration and ageless benefits. End by perfecting those peepers with our biopeptide, eye transforming serum!

We are now accepting July bookings for our summer facials!

* Don't forget *

that the very best things you can do for your skin are ALWAYS to

  1. Drink water!

  2. Apply an SPF sunscreen as directed!

Drinking water and staying plentifully hydrated replenishes water sources within your body that are crucial to organ functionality. In order to look your best on the outside, you have to take great care of the inside!

Please call with any questions or interest in setting up a consultation :)

Happy Summer!

from yours truly at Salon Evolve.

(610) 489-5525

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