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Treat yourself to a 10-minute scalp massage for only $10.

A scalp massage is a natural remedy for migraines and headaches.

If you’re hoping to alleviate a pesky tension headache or migraine, massage is a great choice.

Research shows that a scalp massage can help reduce the frequency of chronic headaches, as well as other benefits like the increase in serotonin, the happy hormone, that can give you a mood boost.

Other benefits of a scalp massage include that it conditions your scalp, helping to prevent flakes and dry, itchy scalp.

It helps enhance blood circulation in the head and neck area. When the scalp is “tight” from stress, both circulation and hair growth are impeded.

It helps strengthen the roots of the hair and nourishes the hair-shafts, promoting new hair growth,

and strengthening existing hair.

It helps relax the scalp & muscles in the neck area.

A scalp massage brings nutrient-rich blood flow to your hair follicles, which is essential for healthy hair growth.

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