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Happy prom season! One of the best parts of high school for Juniors and Seniors! You always look forward to this day during your high school experience and now it’s time! You have your dress, your shoes, tickets, and a date. Now it’s time for the day! We love helping our clients become more beautiful than they already are on their big day, but we always need help from you to make it as easy and flawless and possible!

Helpful hair tips for prom:

When coming in for your hair, please have it completely dry and with minimal frizz to make sure we have enough time to focus on the actual look you desire

If you feel like you can’t control your frizz or blow dry it yourself, get a nice blowout the day before to keep your hair nice a beautiful!

Bring in numerous pictures of different options. Some hairstyles out there are unrealistic to what a salon can do. Please keep that in mind

Please DO NOT straighten your hair the day of prom unless you are planning on keeping it straight with your style. If you want it curled, it’s almost impossible to get a curl to stay on freshly straighten hair.

Wear a button down shirt so you don’t mess up your hair changing into your dress~

Helpful makeup tips for prom:

Moisturize moisturize moisturize! Make your skin as flawless and smooth as possible for a great application.

Please come in with a clean, makeup free face. If you have makeup on, be sure to take it off or let your stylist know before your appointment starts so it can be removed.

Again with the hair, please bring in numerous picture options as some might be unrealistic expectations.

False lashes are always a great idea! Pictures are being taken and you want your eyes to pop. Regular lashes don’t always do that for you. Get the false lashes.

We're so happy you are choosing us for your big prom day and we're so glad to make you beautiful! Prom is such a special day in everyones life and you deserve to feel your best! Salon Evolve is glad to help you with any needs you are having! Please call us with any questions 610-489-5525!

Happy prom season!

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